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Docker Swarm Auto-Clustering and Scaling

Togglebox is partnering with Jelastic to provide Docker Swarm Auto-Clustering and Scaling with PaaS Power Armor. Docker Engine nodes that are run in a swarm mode constitute a fault-tolerant platform for application hosting with built-in cluster management features. It helps to keep your dockerized services constantly running and available  across different servers and data centers.…

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Spring Boot Hosting

Togglebox is partnering with Jelastic to provide Spring Boot Hosting and Spring Boot server for standalone and clustered applications or microservices. With the Spring Boot stack template, you can run various Java-based applications inside the cloud via easy-to-use graphic interface or automation scripts. These Java project types can be hosted: JAR – for standalone Java apps or…

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Golang Hosting

Togglebox is partnering with Jelastic to become a truly multilingual cloud platform. We will be providing Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, .NET, and Golang. The distinctive features of the Go hosting and will be introduced in this article. Go Environment Hosting 1. Create the appropriate environment using Togglebox UI’s Topology Wizard 2. Switch to the…

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Node.js Hosting

Togglebox has partnered with Jelastic to  provide an out-of-box integration of the highly scalable Node.js application server. Optimization and management tools are automatically provided to make the hosting process maximally convenient. In this article, we’ll go through the main tools and features available. Node.js Environment Hosting To run your Node.js application: 1. Set up the appropriate…

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Python Cloud Hosting

Togglebox is partnering with Jelastic PaaS to provide Python-based applications hosting. Optimized for immediate management, there is no need to bother with orchestration tasks, making the hosting process maximally convenient for developers. Learn more about the main tools and features available: Python Environment Hosting Create the appropriate environment via the powerful topology wizard: Switch to the Python language…

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Ruby PaaS Hosting

Ruby is a popular, open source programming language. It is considered both powerful and practical because it is a natural and easy to read/write syntax. Ruby provides a unique object-oriented language and aims for simplicity. Ruby provides operator overloading, exception handling, iterators and closures, basic & special object-oriented features, garbage collection, and more. Ruby PaaS…

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PHP Cloud Hosting

PHP is the easiest to use server-side scripting languages. Its usage currently reached 78.9% popularity and is steadily growing. Togglebox has partnered with Jelastic to provide PHP Cloud Hosting as almost 50% of all web servers are run on top of PHP. PHP Versions We supports the latest PHP Cloud Hosting engine versions. The up-to-date…

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Java Application Hosting

At Togglebox we understand the need to be multilingual in programming languages. We are now partnering with Jelastic whose Java Cloud Hosting platform won the Duke’s Choice Award in 2012 and 2018. The following guide shows you the distinctive features of Jelastic’s Java Cloud Hosting platform. Available Java Versions: AdoptOpenJDK Amazon Corretto Eclipse OpenJ9 GraalVM…

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Previously we wrote about MYSQL, to give our customers a better understanding of what MYSQL is. Now – partnering with Jelastic – we offer many new features including MariaDB/MySQL database clusterization which is an obligatory requirement for highly loaded production applications. Togglebox introduced out-of-the-box clustering for MariaDB/MySQL to make applications highly available by default. This…

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Announcement: XEN to KVM Migration Now Available

We are happy to announce that we can now migrate your Linux VM from XEN to the latest KVM technology. With the KVM virtualization you get: 1. Faster and more reliable technology 2. Faster storage 3. Higher end CPUs The migration process involves: 1. A backup of the current VM which can later be converted…

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