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Announcement: XEN to KVM Migration Now Available

We are happy to announce that we can now migrate your Linux VM from XEN to the latest KVM technology. With the KVM virtualization you get: 1. Faster and more reliable technology 2. Faster storage 3. Higher end CPUs The migration process involves: 1. A backup of the current VM which can later be converted…

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How to Upgrade or Downgrade Resources in Your Cloud Virtual Datacenter

  This easy 3-step guide will show you how to increase or decrease resources in your Monthly Cloud. Prerequisites A Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual billing Cloud Plan All current invoices Paid If you need increased limits for an Hourly Cloud, please submit a ticket to the Sales team. Note: If you plan to Downgrade…

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How to Scale the Disk Size of a Virtual Server

This easy 2-step guide will show you how to scale the SSD Disk on a virtual server. Disk size can be increased on all servers, but only Linux VMs can decrease disk. Hint: Decreasing the size of a Windows is not possible, but you can add a separate Disk instead, (e.g.; D:\, E:\). If you…

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How to Scale the Resources of a Virtual Server

This easy 2-step guide will show you how to scale RAM and CPU cores on a virtual server. RAM and CPU can be increased or decreased at any time from your client area. Do you need to scale a Disk too? Check out our Scaling A Virtual Server’s Disk tutorial Prerequisites An active Virtual Server…

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How to Create a Virtual Server in a Togglebox Cloud

  In the past, we showed you  how to use OVA support for building a VM. This article is an easy step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to create a Virtual Server (VPS) in a Togglebox Cloud. Prerequisites An active Cloud Service Available resources to create the new server Step 1) Open the Create…

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What is MySQL?

Fun Fact: MySQL (MY-ES-KYOO-EL’ [maɪˌɛsˌkjuːˈɛl]) was developed by a Swedish company called MySQL AB in 1994. Sun Microsystems then took full ownership of MySQL in 2008. Then Oracle obtained MySQL in 2010 and has owned it ever since. For our purposes and it’s general definition, MySQL is a free and open-source database, and one of…

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How to Create a CSR for Your SSL Certificate

  Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for your SSL Certificate is the first step in getting the certificate activated. A CSR is a message sent from an applicant to a certificate authority in order to apply for a digital identity certificate.   To generate your CSR please follow the guides provided: Cpanel IIS7 (Windows)…

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What’s the Difference Between a Cloud and a VPS?

  Cloud VDC use redundant SANs (Storage Area Network) to store the virtual machine’s data. The SANs are large disk appliances that are not physically attached to the host node that the virtual machine is on. What this does is allow for your VM to be booted on a spare hardware node in the event…

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5 Presale Questions You Should Ask-and the Answers!

Our support knowledge-base includes a list of common presale questions. Today we will be highlighting 5 of them and giving you immediate answers.   1. How long does it take to setup an account? If an order passes our automated fraud check the account is setup within minutes of ordering. Orders that do not pass…

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Togglebox testing DRaaS backup/standby-server feature

Companies well-versed in cloud computing know that  backup is not a luxury but a requirement. In these uncertain times, the last thing you need is to lose important customer-marketing information, internal documents, or even transactional data. We know your data needs to be protected, and anything short of that could be a disaster. That’s why…

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