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How To Keep Data Secure on The Cloud

The number of individuals working and playing on the cloud has increased every year.  Today, we rarely email photos, we log on to our Instagram account and upload them. USB flash drive use is down as we now load documents to the cloud to access, edit and share from anywhere in the world. The cloud has…

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The Private Cloud Means Secure, Scalable, Enterprise Level IT Hosting

Cloud computing has advanced greatly in recent years, giving companies access to more powerful systems, greater storage and more applications than ever before. There are, however, those companies who have hesitated to take advantage of cloud computing or to use it to its fullest potential. The reason may be that their business is closely tied…

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Cloud Computing Buyers Guide of IT Infrastructure

Cloud computing has been a major topic of discussion for several years now. As the technology has come of age and more companies have migrated to cloud based IT infrastructure it’s become increasingly clear that cloud computing has improved the way companies work. There are many benefits to working on the cloud. Virtualization has allowed…

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What Are Cloud Availability Zones and How To They Prevent Issues

Cloud computing has transformed the way business operates. As the space matures and evolves, more services become available to the end user.  Many critics have brought up the issue of security. Cloud service web hosting providers have always been aware of possible security issues and have continued to develop infrastructure with an eye towards securing…

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Smart Server, The Cloud Meets Dedicated Server Technology

Should your company make the switch to a Smart Server? A few years ago, the hot new technology was cloud computing. Companies like Dropbox and Netflix maximized the use of this technology and many businesses have made the switch in recent years, adding flexibility and efficiency to their computing system. Now the new buzz word…

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How To Set Up Your Cloud Hosting In 5 Minutes or Less

It’s a great time to make the leap to cloud hosting. Today, it’s easier than ever before to migrate your assets to the cloud. As a matter of fact, once you’ve made a few calculations about your businesses needs, you can be set up and running in five minutes! Many business owners have been hesitant…

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CDN, Content Delivery Networks is Performance That Pays For Itself

In today’s competitive business environment it’s necessary to capitalize on every available technology that can improve your company’s online performance. One technology, available for over a decade and gaining traction lately is the content delivery network. Affordable CDN can help companies to accelerate the delivery of content, absorb peak traffic period loads and help to…

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What You Need To Know Before Purchasing Cloud Computing

A recent survey by IBM of more than 1500 CEOs worldwide found that close to 80% believed their IT environments would become much more complex in the coming years. Fewer then half believed their companies were prepared for this event. For many small to medium sized businesses increasing technological demands need to be addressed before…

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What Do I Need A Content Delivery Network For Anyways?

In today’s tough economy every business owner is looking for an edge. When it comes to your online presence, improving performance should beat the top of the list. As more business migrates online and websites become more complex graphically and in variety of content (think streaming audio, video and dynamic web content) a content delivery…

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Protecting Cloud Hosting Clients By Preventing Outbound Spam

Spam. It clutters inboxes with multi-million-dollar offers from Nigerian royalty and assures that a devoted Russian bride is just a click away. Sophisticated spam filters have relegated most of these dubious invitations to users’ spam folders. But while spam has become less readily visible, it remains a major threat as a point of entry for…

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