Application Hosting & DevOps Automation

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Empowering Efficiency By Automating DevOps Using the Best in Application Hosting

Our next-generation Application Hosting platform, powered by the Virtuozzo Application Platform (formerly Jelastic), enables you to automate your DevOps, and deploy highly scalable applications efficiently, all without requiring costly overheads or time investments. DevOps automation seeks to strengthen the connection between your Operations and Development teams. This technology enables faster development of applications and easier maintenance of existing deployments, which increases productivity and lowers costs. Combined, the Application Hosting platform and DevOps automation provide an outstanding hosting experience.

The Application Hosting platform offers both horizontal and vertical scaling options, which are automatic, easy to configure, and require no additional application code. Along side of this, it provides advanced deployment options from its built-in Deployment Manager, including support for Git, SVN, and local archives. These features significantly reduce the administrative time required to maintain your application. The system also supports a wide variety of software stacks. This allows for painless deployments whether you are running websites, microservices, or testing the latest tech.

  • Java
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Go Lang
  • Ruby
  • .NET
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Databases
  • Load Balancers
  • Caching

We offer a free 14-day trial to get started, and existing Togglebox customers can also take advantage of an enhanced trial. Please contact our Sales team for assistance.

Application Hosting Platform: Key Features

Amazing DevOps Management and Automation

The Virtuozzo Application Platform has taken DevOps to the next level. It allows you to automate the clusterization and scaling of your applications, and allows you to better focus on application development, instead of administration.

Easy Deployments

Application hosting offers improved deployment options over traditional hosting. Git/SVN can be used for easily connecting to your project’s repositories right in the Deployment Manager. Additionally, you can upload local archives directly to the Deployment Manager. This allows you to easily maintain development and production environments.

Automatic Vertical Scaling

Vertical scaling is made possible by the platform’s ability to dynamically change the amount of allocated server resources (RAM and CPU) according to its current demands, with no manual intervention required.

Automatic Horizontal Scaling

Our application hosting platform can automatically scale nodes horizontally, changing the number of containers within a layer (nodeGroup) based on incoming load. Additionally, nodes within the same layer are spread out across the available hardware using anti-affinity rules. This further adds to the reliability and stability of your applications.

Better Billing

We utilize a fair usage-based billing model that only charges for actual resource consumption with our application hosting. This allows you to keep scaling limits high without overpaying for unused resources within those limits. Resources are reported on a per-node basis, allowing you easy insight into your costs.

Environment Cloning

Branching applications is a common need for developers. With environment cloning you can easily branch off a new dev or testing environment to work on new functionality before taking the changes to production.

Application Marketplace

The application marketplace allows you to easily deploy pre-built application setups. Available packages include WordPress, as both a clustered service or as a standalone application, Docker, Jenkins, Mysql Database Clusters, Redis, Magento, Drupal and many more.

API Access

Automate actions required for your application’s lifecycle and extend functionality using the Virtuozzo Application Platform’s API. You can programmatically create environments, deploy apps, and perform other useful tasks.

Easy SSL

Quickly secure your application with a working SSL with a single click in the topology wizard. Domain level verification, including your site check and security seal issuing, is performed in a matter of minutes

Load Balancing

Load balancing distributes requests between your application nodes, providing you with higher performance and reliability. The Virtuozzo Application Platform supports multiple different types of load balancers out of the box, including; LiteSpeed ADC, NGINX, HAProxy, Varnish, and Apache.


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