How to Host Node.JS Applications

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How to Host Node.js Applications Effortlessly with Togglebox

As a developer, you build web applications to solve the problems of users. However, development is only one half of the puzzle. You also need to get the application in front of everyone. Developers are always keen to see how people feel about their solutions. So, you need a great hosting platform for deploying your web application conveniently.

There are plenty of solutions available online. But not all of them are easy to use. However, by using Togglebox’s App Hosting platform you can effortlessly host your Node.js web applications. Within a few minutes, your solution can go live. You simply need to create a Node.js environment and deploy your application. In this post, you will find all the details.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment. It is built on top of Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine V8. It enables you to develop scalable web applications conveniently.

Node.js is lightweight and highly efficient. It utilizes an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. As a result, it has become a perfect solution for data-intensive apps. Developers around the world use it for creating server-side web applications.

Why should you use Node.js for web application development?

  • Lightweight, super-fast, and highly efficient
  • Supports Node Package Manager (NPM) for adding new functionalities to the web applications effortlessly
  • Dramatically reduces the response time of concurrent user requests by utilizing the single-threaded event loop model
  • Provides long-term support for every major release of the runtime environment
  • Cost-effective, SEO friendly, and easy learning curve

How can you host your Node.js applications with Togglebox?

Togglebox enables you to host your Node.js application effortlessly. The whole process is very simple and hassle-free. You just need to create an environment for Node.js and deploy the web application with just a few clicks.

How can you create the Node.js environment on Togglebox?

1. First, you need to sign into the Togglebox App Hosting platform. Then click NEW ENVIRONMENT.

Shows new environment button

2. A new window will show up. Click the Node tab and select the required engine version for your application server.

Next, you can easily change the parameters, including disk limit and sequential restart delay. The wizard will show the estimated cost as you make the necessary adjustment. So, you can easily set up an environment that fits your budget effectively.

Once you are done with everything, click the Create button. You will have to wait several minutes to get the process completed.

3. Once the process is completed, the environment will start to run automatically.

4. Now, you have to check whether you have managed to set up the environment successfully or not. Simply hover on the environment name and click the Open in Browser icon.

5. If there is no issue in the environment, you will see this page:

That’s it! You have created the Node.js environment successfully. As you can see, the process is very simple. It takes just a few minutes to set everything up. So, there is no hassle or wasted time.

How can you deploy your Node.js application to the new environment?

Now, it’s time to deploy your Node.js application to make it accessible for the users. Togglebox allows you to deploy effortlessly via archive or URL or Git. It will take only a few clicks. You just need to follow these steps.

How to Deploy Node.js Applications via Archive

1. First, you have to expand Application Servers. Then hover on Deployments and click the Deploy Archive icon.

2. Now, you need to browse and select the zip file on your computer. Then you have to select the Deployment Type. Finally, click the Deploy button.

How to Deploy Node.js Application from URL

1. First, you need to hover on Deployments and click the Deploy from URL icon.

2. Now, you have to enter the URL and click the Deploy button.

How to Deploy Node.js Application via Git

1. Hover on Deployments and the Deploy from Git / SVN icon.

2. Select existing or add a new repository. Once you are done, hit the Deploy button.

Wrapping Up

Togglebox allows you to host your Node.js application effortlessly. The whole process is very simple. First, you need to create an environment for Node.js. Then you can deploy your application with just a few clicks. There is no complexity. If you are looking for a hosting solution that offers simplicity, efficiency, and customizability, Togglebox is definitely the right choice for you.


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