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Newly Available CPU Flags for Togglebox Cloud Servers

Newly Available CPU Flags for Togglebox Cloud Servers One of the many benefits to our recent OnApp upgrades is extended support for CPU flags, which increases the features that are supported directly by the CPUs. The AES flag in particular is a great addition as it is integral to AES-based encryption, including VPNs and SSL.…

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Microsoft Windows 2008 End of Life

As you may have already heard, Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows Server 2008 as of January 14, 2020, a process called “End of Life”. After this date official support of all versions of 2008 will end, including Microsoft Updates for security and vulerability patches. If you have any servers running Windows 2008 we strongly…

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Behind the scenes: What good is cloud hosting without redundant power?

Nothing will ruin your day as quickly as a wide-scale power outage.  While power systems in datacenters typically have redundancy in the form of battery backups and diesel generators, there are still single points of failure.  Such as a generator not starting up properly, an automatic transfer switch dying, or a backhoe cutting power lines. What…

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Behind the scenes: High Performance SSD storage for Togglebox Cloud Server Hosting

For Cloud Hosting, the SAN (Storage Area Network) is arguably the most important piece to get “right”. Too many providers do not invest in the proper storage therefore customers experience high latency due to overloaded SANs. We’ve implemented a revolutionary approach to storage by partnering with StorPool for a distributed SSD powered SAN. Utilizing StorPool we…

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Scalable Hosting VS Cloud Elasticity

If you’re contemplating moving a portion of your IT to the cloud you’ve probably heard about the many advantages the cloud has to offer. Things like cost, performance, easy collaboration and security are all common knowledge. While researching cloud computing, you’ve probably also heard the terms “cloud elasticity” and “scalability”. These last two functions can be…

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Why You Need an Online Password Manager

In the digital business world of today, data security is a constant source of worry for many companies. A recent report by cloud security company PandaLabs found that malware is being created at record levels.  The report found that in just the second quarter of 2014,  fifteen million new strains of malware were created and the…

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What Are Virtual Private Servers “VPS”?

Most cloud users are familiar with the two common service models available today; shared hosting (a lot of people sharing one physical server) and dedicated hosting (your own third-party hosted dedicated hardware server). What you may not realize is that there’s a service model that falls in between the two. With Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting your company…

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Small Business Cloud Computing Explained

For years we’ve heard about cloud computing and the benefits it offers to small business. Cloud computing is a topic that many business owners often find a bit confusing.  The truth is, many of those same business owners use the cloud every day and don’t realize it! If you use Google, Twitter, or Facebook, welcome…

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Cloud Computing FAQ’s For CEO’s

Technology is rapidly evolving, and the changes can have far reaching benefits for business. If your business doesn’t change and evolve with the technology, you could be left behind. Unfortunately for many companies their infrastructure often makes it challenging to keep up with these rapid changes. Cloud computing has been growing and is changing the…

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Cloud Computing Can Save You Money, Here’s How.

Cloud computing has changed the way we work and conduct business online. It offers benefits that business needs to take advantage of the rapidly changing opportunities in today’s interconnected world. The cloud offers small to medium sized companies the ability to work more efficiently while increasing employee productivity. Simultaneously, the cloud offers significant cost savings…

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