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3 Ways Cloud Hosting is Essential in Times of Crisis

  Unfortunately, we are in a time of economic crisis. Many of you might be wondering how small businesses are being affected and how you can help. There have been some initiatives put forth to protect workers and families. The most recent was assistance for certain small businesses, especially those that have proven useful during…

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OVA Support for Building Virtual Machines

It has been an industry standard that when creating new VMs or virtual machines, you have three options to choose from. Each option has their pros and cons, but mostly because they are specified for particular user requirements. Every user has their own approach, and that’s why having more than one option to choose from…

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5 Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  1. RAPID SCALABILITY Cloud hosting provides on demand, rapid scalability not possible with more restrictive models. Hosting in the cloud is more efficient than models that have the constraints of administration time or capital expenditures. Without these constraints, your business can grow exponentially over a shorter period.         2. FAILOVER BUILT-IN…

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Kubernetes Explained

  It might not be the only option for container management, but it is the most popular. It is considered one of the highest velocity in the history of open-source projects. But what is it and how does it work? Why do you need it? Once you do learn all the components to Kubernetes, you…

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Have you heard of Kubernetes?

  What is Kubernetes? This relatively new system is an up-to-the-minute platform that can help you build your business. To find out more, all you need to do is take a look at what Kubernetes is already doing for many industries. While Kubernetes is relatively new, many industries have already adopted it. Don’t take our…

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Togglebox Live Chat takes customer support to the next level

Instant support, immediate answers, great customer service. That is what we always want to provide you at Togglebox. Usually, putting in an IT ticket is an arduous waiting game of phone tag and aggravation. But with Togglebox, you don’t have to wait. Consider the convenience of live chat. With live chat, you get instant support,…

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