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Rework: Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service

The need for immediate disaster recovery isn’t always something you can predict, but it is something you
can plan for. Our expert admins are well-versed in what could happen to a server; Whether it is due to hackers, Malware, a
hardware failure (failure of a disk, server, switch, etc.), or something as catastrophic
as a natural disaster.

Regardless of circumstance, an immediate response from a Disaster Recovery team is crucial. We know that unplanned
downtime is costly, and try to ensure the quickest recovery to a “now” state as possible. Instant recovery of our atomic backups
vastly limits exposure to catastrophic events.

Key Features

Fully Managed

Backups and restores are fully managed. Whether you’re backing up local or to another datacenter, we will handle it all.

Robust Schedules

24 Hourly backups and 7 daily backups provide supreme protection against disaster.

Atomic Snapshots

Backups run instantly across all disks on your server, ensuring consistent data every time.

Minimal Downtime

Dramatically reduce the time from Disaster to Recovery, saving your business time, money, and stress

Reliable Disaster Recovery

No pre-purchased backup disk is required, and no software is required on the server. Instant backups that are truly reliable.

Multiple Backup Tiers

Backups can be made in the same datacenter or another datacenter for extra disaster recovery options