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Ransomeware Protection

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks on businesses are now commonplace. In the last two years the frequency of reported cases has jumped from one every few minutes to every few seconds.  An average of 4,000 ransomware attacks occurs every day with damages hovering around $1 billion annually. That number is up 300% from 2015. 

Ransomeware can cost a business valuable data and can affect every aspect of its inner-workings. Hacking is an inevitability, and new attack vectors are always being constructed by nefarious actors. The best protection is a proactive recovery solution managed by experts.

Key Features

Fully Managed

Installation of the backup agents, policy setup and configuration, and restore management are all handled by our expert admins

Point-In-Time Snapshots

Takes point-in-time snapshot of disk volumes, allowing consistent backup of locked and open files

Browse & Download Backup Files

Easy Granular file or folder restore, or download files to desktop

Database Backup Support

Includes special modules for MySQL and MSSQL database backups that ensures that tables are locked and flushed before a backup operation can take place, helping prevent corrupted tables

Protected MS Exchange

Backups use the VSS Exchange writer to ensure data integrity and consistency during the backup operation.

cPanel Integration

Activates an icon within the cPanel interface so that your customers can go directly to their backups via the Server Backup Manager Web Interface

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