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Cloud Scalability

Scalable Hosting VS Cloud Elasticity

If you’re contemplating moving a portion of your IT to the cloud you’ve probably heard about the many advantages the cloud has to offer. Things like cost, performance, easy collaboration and security are all common knowledge. While researching cloud computing, you’ve probably also heard the terms “cloud elasticity” and “scalability”. These last two functions can be…

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What Are Virtual Private Servers “VPS”?

Most cloud users are familiar with the two common service models available today; shared hosting (a lot of people sharing one physical server) and dedicated hosting (your own third-party hosted dedicated hardware server). What you may not realize is that there’s a service model that falls in between the two. With Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting your company…

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What Is Scalability In Cloud Hosting?

The rise of cloud computing has brought with it a myriad of benefits for business users.  From flexibility to cost savings and asset management, the cloud has allowed businesses of all sizes to compete and grow with unprecedented ease. Business growth is often an unpredictable affair. Peak buying seasons, sudden spikes in demand and overall…

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