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Cloud Security

Why You Need an Online Password Manager

In the digital business world of today, data security is a constant source of worry for many companies. A recent report by cloud security company PandaLabs found that malware is being created at record levels.  The report found that in just the second quarter of 2014,  fifteen million new strains of malware were created and the…

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Data Security and Hybrid Clouds

As more business migrates to the cloud, host providers are creating new ways of serving their customers. One of the latest involves the creation of the “hybrid” cloud model. This is a combination of the public cloud, the private cloud and on-premise infrastructure and brings with it new advantages for host providers and customers alike. One…

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Data Security on The Cloud – What You Need to Know

Recent news stories surrounding data breeches at Apple and Target might have you concerned about data security on the cloud.  As a business owner, nothing is more important than the security of your data.  When trade secrets are compromised the consequences can be severe. Potential financial losses and damage to your company’s reputation can be…

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How To Keep Data Secure on The Cloud

The number of individuals working and playing on the cloud has increased every year.  Today, we rarely email photos, we log on to our Instagram account and upload them. USB flash drive use is down as we now load documents to the cloud to access, edit and share from anywhere in the world. The cloud has…

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