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Hybrid Cloud

Data Security and Hybrid Clouds

As more business migrates to the cloud, host providers are creating new ways of serving their customers. One of the latest involves the creation of the “hybrid” cloud model. This is a combination of the public cloud, the private cloud and on-premise infrastructure and brings with it new advantages for host providers and customers alike. One…

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What Are The Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud

For the past few years, we’ve all heard a lot of talk about cloud computing and its many benefits. We’ve heard about the flexibility, scalability and cost benefits of migrating our business IT to the cloud. Even with all of the benefits, truly security conscious business owners have still been hesitant to move their operation onto…

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Hybrid Cloud Computing is the Best of Dedicated Servers and the Cloud

Cloud computing has become an easy way to bring flexibility to growing companies. Whether it’s providing affordable and easily scalable storage or allowing staff to work more easily outside the office, cloud computing has transformed quickly into a technology aimed at meeting company’s needs. Hybrid cloud hosting is one way cloud computing technology has responded…

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