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Affordable Cloud Hosting – Hourly VS Monthly Billing Compared

As the cloud space continues to mature and expand with new providers coming on line, host companies have begun exploring alternative pricing options for service. With the major price cuts among providers, long-term contracts that freeze prices have begun to look like a bad bet for businesses. One new model for affordable cloud hosting being…

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Don’t Buy More Than You Can Eat – 100/Month For Rigid Hosting Wasteful

How Much Hosting is to Much? The cloud has changed the way we all do business. As the space continues to evolve, cloud host providers lately have been advertising affordable cloud hosting featuring dedicated server technology. Basically outsourcing your IT needs to a managed dedicated hardware server for a fixed monthly price. This guarantees your…

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Flexibility and Auto-Scaling Let Cloud Hosting Stand Apart

In the B.C. era (before the cloud) businesses had the option to get online through either shared hosting technology or to invest in a dedicated server. For many small to medium sized businesses this became a difficult choice that was often driven by budgetary considerations. Let’s take a brief look at the online options available…

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Hosting Scalability and A La Carte Pricing Means Efficiency and Value

Today’s cloud has evolved. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all plans that meant you either paid for services you didn’t need, or purchased plans that didn’t fit your business. Scalability has arrived! Most affordable cloud hosting plans allow you the freedom to purchase services a la carte, so you can build an IT infrastructure precisely…

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