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Is Cloud Hosting Secure?

The biggest concern keeping many business owners on the sidelines of the cloud revolution centers around security.  Essentially, security on the cloud is no more or less safe than with on-premise systems.  Actually, the IT structure of cloud hosting holds tremendous potential for organizations to improve their overall information security. A Gartner’s CIO Agenda survey…

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How does Auto-Scaling Work When Hosting a Website? Cloud Computing 101

Scalable Website Hosting The growth of cloud computing has exploded. As more business turns to the cloud to create and share documents, host websites, and store data the advantages are becoming more apparent every day. One of the greatest advantages of cloud computing is scalable hosting. Because of this scalability, computing resources can be purchased…

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What are Cloud Servers and How Can Cloud Computing Help My Business?

Cloud computing has really come of age in the past several years. Business has embraced the concept of the cloud as it has brought convenience, scalability and increased mobility at a reasonable cost. By embracing the cloud, it’s no longer necessary to invest in hardware and software that needs to be continuously upgraded and updated.…

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Three Reasons to Consider Changing Cloud Hosting Providers

All businesses have had some experience with the cloud. Today, the cloud is firmly established and it has matured to the point where we are just now beginning to see mass migration and implementation. More and more companies are making the move away from dedicated servers to take advantage of the favorable aspects of cloud…

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Cloud Hosting Creates Business Advantages – Not Just IT Solutions

The benefits offered by cloud computing are well documented and often touted. Cheap website hosting, infrastructure cost savings, scalability, elasticity, and storage on demand are all advertised benefits and make a solid case for migrating business to cloud servers. But after the contract is signed the processes and systems are up online, and staff is…

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Web Hosting Contracts Are a Red Flag. Here’s Why

As the cloud continues to grow and mature, providers are constantly adding web hosting options. The latest trend has been towards hosted dedicated server technology accessed via the cloud. While dedicated server technology is not new, these providers are offering virtualized server space for your business. You are renting dedicated servers for your company’s IT…

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Hosting Scalability and A La Carte Pricing Means Efficiency and Value

Today’s cloud has evolved. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all plans that meant you either paid for services you didn’t need, or purchased plans that didn’t fit your business. Scalability has arrived! Most affordable cloud hosting plans allow you the freedom to purchase services a la carte, so you can build an IT infrastructure precisely…

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Cloud Hosting is the Bruce Lee of IT Lean, Adaptable and Powerful

The cloud offers many benefits for business. Whether it’s cost, adaptability, or scalability, the advantages of migrating to the cloud are many. By far the most important aspect of the cloud is its flexibility. Cloud hosting is, in a way, the Bruce Lee of network solutions! Bruce Lee is an icon in the martial arts…

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Server Maintenance is a Pain – Cloud Hosting is the Medicine

The cloud has changed the way business gets done. Virtualization has changed almost every aspect of IT. The days of maintaining a dedicated server and dealing with back-ups, set-ups and maintenance are slowly disappearing as the cloud has enabled small business website hosting and performance that exceeds the most complicated in-house dedicated systems for a…

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What Should You Do When Your Website Server Goes Down?

In today’s technology driven society we’re often lulled into a false sense of security. Things always just seem to work, so we’re not really thinking about the possibility of failure. While your website is probably safe from a hack attack, chances are your host company could be the target. Even the best web hosting providers aren’t…

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