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Hosting technology changes rapidly. Our paper defines the differences between the cloud and dedicated servers so that you can make an informed decision.
Cloud Computing and Dedicated Servers Compared

Togglebox lets you scale your cloud servers on-demand.

Not all cheap web hosting is the same. At Togglebox we provide the highest levels of customer service with a dedicated staff that is available 24/7 to answer your cloud computing questions, and ensure that your getting the best value for your budget. This approach means significant cost savings over time while allowing you the ability to focus on running your business. With Togglebox you get:

  • The security of immediate, redundant and instantly restorable back-ups.

  • Your data needs are instantly expandable through immediate scalability

  • Budget friendly efficiently that results in cost savings for your business.

With Togglebox you can grow or shrink resources based on your needs, immediately, automatically, and only pay for what you use. Experience the difference between cheap web hosting and the value of high quality, monitored Togglebox cloud servers.

High Availability

Using a centralized storage architecture, if any hardware fails your cloud server is started up on spare hardware nodes.

Instant Scalability

Scale your resources quickly, or configure auto-scaling -- your servers grow automatically as resources are needed.

Custom Plans

Start with our base resources and add on resources. Your deployment is unique, don't be forced into purchasing what you don't need.

Virtual Datacenter

You have full control how to use your purchased resources. Create 1 server or dozens. It's like having your own virtual datacenter.