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5 Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  1. RAPID SCALABILITY Cloud hosting provides on demand, rapid scalability not possible with more restrictive models. Hosting in the cloud is more efficient than models that have the constraints…

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Kubernetes Explained

  It might not be the only option for container management, but it is the most popular. It is considered one of the highest velocity in the history of open-source…

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Have you heard of Kubernetes?

  What is Kubernetes? This relatively new system is an up-to-the-minute platform that can help you build your business. To find out more, all you need to do is take…

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Microsoft Windows 2008 End of Life

As you may have already heard, Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows Server 2008 as of January 14, 2020, a process called “End of Life”. After this date official support…

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Scalable Hosting VS Cloud Elasticity

If you’re contemplating moving a portion of your IT to the cloud you’ve probably heard about the many advantages the cloud has to offer. Things like cost, performance, easy collaboration…

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