ImunifyAV+ has a highly efficient detection engine that finds most types of malware without stressing you or your system. If malware is detected, automatically remove it with one click.
Advanced file deobfuscation techniques enable detection of encrypted malicious code embedded in files, over 97% of which can be cleaned automatically.

Anti-Virus & Malware Protection

imunifyAV+ malware protection

Keeping malicious code out of your files an important part of protecting your server and websites. ImunifyAV+ thoroughly sweeps files and accurately identifies malicious code, notifying you of any issues on your websites and offers effective, one-click removal of malicious software and computer virus strains.

ImunifyAV+ Pricing
Supported Operating Systems

CentOS/RHEL 7, 8
CloudLinux 7, 8
Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04

Setup Assistance

Our Expert Support staff is available 24x7 for help installing or configuring ImunifyAV+ on your Togglebox servers