Java Application Hosting

High performance, high availability Java application hosting, and Java application Clusters, with automatic vertical and horizontal scaling

Easily Deploy Flexible and Efficient Java Applications

tomcat glassfish payara spring boot wildfly

Automate the deployment and scaling of your Java applications. Create production-ready Java application clusters complete with autoscaling and load balancers with just a few clicks. Dynamic resources automatically scale to match your loads, but you only pay for what you actually use. Within a wide variety of software stacks, Togglebox PaaS supports a pure Java Engine and the following Java application servers:

  • GlassFish
  • Jetty
  • Payara
  • Spring Boot
  • Tomcat
  • TomEE
  • Wildfly
  • Custom Apps
  • And More!

Deploy your applications right from our UI

  • Via the application archive – .war, .zip, .jar, and .ear archives
  • From the GIT/SVN remote repository, using the Maven build node
  • Using plugins – Ant Task, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Maven and NetBeans

Java Clusterization

Creating production-ready Java clusters has never been easier. The embedded application server clustering feature provides replication of sessions between pairs of nodes and eliminates the necessity of additional software or Memcached usage for increasing application availability. Jelastic provides automated session replication between Tomcat and TomEE servers with the help of multicast to gain web application high availability within the Java cluster.

Furthermore, some applications, inluding GlassFish, Payara, Jenkins, and WildFly can have Auto-Clustering enabled—Interconnecting the application servers together with pre-configured session replication and load balancing.

Java Cluster

Benefits of Togglebox Java Application Hosting

Easy Deployment
We offer a wide variety ways to deploy your Java application. Use whichever way you are most comfortable.
Configure your environment to scale vertically and horizontally to match your work loads right from our intuitive UI.
High Availability
Java Application Server clusters provide excellent high availability and fault tolerance, leading to better performance and uptime.
Pay Per Use
You set your scaling limits but only pay for what you actually use. It’s the peak of efficiency.