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Our Mission

Togglebox provides high performance, highly customizable cloud hosting for those seeking the highest level of customer service, and performance, without overpaying for cutting edge server technology.

Our highly knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the perfect cloud solution for your project, and our support teams are always there to assist should any questions or problems arise with your servers.

At its core Togglebox is powered by the OnApp Cloud and powerful, redundant Storpool SANs. We have taken our proven technologies, ideologies, policies, and staff and combined them with fresh ideas to bring you Togglebox, our next-gen cloud hosting system.

Togglebox is a brand of TekTonic, which began offering cloud hosting before the market became popular. Togglebox was brought about by the desire to offer new technologies without introducing radical change to our current customers.

Our Office
661 W. Germantown Pk, Suite 01
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462.

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Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM EST
Toll Free: 866-663-4759

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Our Datacenter

Togglebox is proud to offer services out of our Dallas, Texas location at the Tierpoint Dallas facility.

Enterprise Connectivity
All of our connections are kept at a low utilization to allow high bursting and resistance to denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Smart Routing & Proactive Management
The network makes use of InterNAP Flow Control Platform (FCP) intelligent BGP to provide smart routing across the global internet. FCP adaptive networking software provides adaptive management for network infrastructure.

Gigabit Connectivity to Multiple Carriers
Togglebox datacenters all feature multiple gigabits of connectivity to multiple “Tier 1” backbones to handle even the most demanding needs.
We currently connect with Telia, Level 3, Cogent, Suddenlink, and NTT.
Use our test file to gauge network performance

True Redundant Network
Built-in redundancy through multiple redundant network connections and redundant routers.

A+B Power [?]
With A+B power you have 2 power feeds fed by 2 separate UPSs (battery backup), 2 separate generators, and 2 separate utility feeds. We use the A+B feeds for all equipment — network switches, compute nodes, and storage nodes.

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