DNS Failover

Add geographic redundancy and load balancing to your servers without complicated setups, special development, or complex software. DNS Failover keeps your sites and services online in the event of complete failure of a cloud location, and allows for easy load balancing between data centers.

Monitoring servers check if your IP is responding correctly to PING, HTTP(S), DNS, TCP, or UDP requests. If your primary IP fails to respond, your DNS is instantly updated on all Togglebox DNS servers globally. Traffic will then point to a working standby server, or the IP Address of the failed server can be removed from your active cluster.


Configured as CNAME records which makes updating your DNS easy.
Instant Global DNS Updates
Automatically Updates DNS to Limit Downtime Exposure
Excellent Geographic Load Balancing
Protects You From Costly Downtime Events
Fully Managed Togglebox Cloud Addon


DNS Failover: $5/Month/server
Setup (Internal Servers): FREE
Setup (External Servers): $100

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