Geo-Distributed WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting for those who can’t have downtime.

Do you need the best possible uptime? Geographically distributed WordPress hosting is the answer. Spread your site across multiple datacenters to distribute load and add an extra layer of uptime protection.

With your website distributed between multiple datacenters you can withstand a full datacenter outage without any downtime.

Hosting features include high performance load balancers and web servers, with LiteSpeed ADC, and LiteSpeed Web Server. Other examples of high performance features are clusterized MariaDB databases, clusterized storage with GlusterFS, and caching powered by Redis.

Geo Distributed WordPress Hosting

Three Ways We’re Better Than A VPS

Scalable Hosting

Scalability is a very important aspect to WordPress hosting. Having automatic scalability keeps your websites online and performing at all times, even during the highest loads.

Ordinary VPS hosting cannot hope to achieve the level of horizontal and vertical scaling that we offer.

You control your limits, and our system will automatically scale your WordPress environment to match demand. If you have a spike in traffic your environment will scale up. As traffic subsides your environment will scale back down.

Efficient Resources

Other hosting plans are rigid, and make you pay for the upper limit of the plan’s resources at all times. This will always lead to overpaying for unused resources. This is very inefficient.

With our platform you only pay for what you actually use, within limits that you control. You don’t have to overpay to ensure your hosting plan can handle your max loads.

You do not pay for resources that you don’t use.

No Server Management

Manage your WordPress installation from our UI, without needing to manage or maintain a VPS. Our App Hosting platform orchestrates your web server, databases and storage, leaving you to focus on running your website.

If you do need to edit web server or database settings you can do so, conveniently, right from the UI.

Premium WordPress Hosting With The Best Uptime

Finally, you can balance your website between datacenters without having to maintain complex load balancers, replication and caching. Get the best in scalability and high availability without paying hundreds, or thousands, in setup costs.

The Topology Stack

Load balancer: Highly available and high-performance LiteSpeed ADC which is used for distributing the incoming traffic within a one region.

Application server: Highly available and high-performance LiteSpeed Web Server the WordPress software runs on. Web servers come with preconfigured automatic horizontal scaling to handle load spikes.

Caching solution: Highly available and high-performance Redis object caching storage. It stores in memory the database query results that have been loaded.

Database: Highly-available MariaDB cluster is used to store and operate user data.

Storage: Shared Storage cluster, ensuring high availablity with GlusterFS, is mounted to all application server nodes for sharing common data.

Additional Features

WordPress Brute Force Attack Protection: This helps protect your WordPress admin panel.

Web Application Firewall: A security feature that comes with Layer-7 Anti-DDoS Filtering as well as IP level bandwidth and request rate throttling. It won’t degrade the LSADC performance since it can be tuned to withstand dynamic requests only.

Encryption: Traffic encryption is provided by Let’s Encrypt Add-On with automatic issuing of trusted SSL certificate and Auto-Renewal.

CDN: Premium CDN integration in order to provide Lightning-fast static assets loading.

Geo Distributed WordPress Hosting Stack

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Shared Hosting?

No, this is not shared hosting. It is Application Hosting with virtual containers. You have you own web servers, database servers, storage, etc.

How Is App Hosting Different Than A VPS?

Application Hosting allows you to use virtualization technologies better than traditional Virtual Private Servers — With more flexible resources and highly efficient specialized containers.

Is There A Trial?

Yes, we offer a free 14-Day Trial.

Is Migration Assistance Available?

Yes, we can help you migrate your exisitng WordPress install at no extra cost.

How Does It Work?

Our WordPress Hosting for application hosting containers offers top tier performance and uptimes while keeping resources and costs efficient and optimized. Our expert Support teams will create your WordPress environment and will ensure everything is running smoothly. With our Geo-Distributed hosting your website is automatically load balanced between our datacenters with no extra configuration, and no custom coding. Once deployed you can log in and use WordPress normally.

Your RAM and CPU will scale up and down automatically as needed within the limits you have set. These RAM and CPU units are called Cloudlets and represent 128MB RAM and 400MHz CPU. Unlike traditional cloud and VPS hosting, you do not pay for any RAM and CPU that you do not use. This allows you to keep high limits to handle any bursts of traffic without having to worry about paying for resources you aren’t actively using.