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    Web Accelerator CDN/SSL

    Accelerate Your Websites

    Optimize Speeds
    Optimize Speeds

    Automatically Minify, Compress and Cache static data, including HTML, Javascript, CSS, and Images

    Automatic SSL

    Accelerated Websites are automatically secured with Let’s Encrypt SSL

    Easy Setup
    No Setup Required

    Hands-Free setup allows you to focus on developing your websites instead of configuring services. All you have to do is turn Acceleration on!

    How Does the Accelerator Work?

    It's a fact. Slow websites are less successful than fast websites. Slow websites create a bad user experience, and that leads to high bounce rates, bad SEO, fewer conversions, more abandoned shopping carts, and fewer return visits.

    With the Web Accelerator your web pages, scripts and images are automatically optimized, compressed and distributed to locations around the world. The Accelerator makes sure your customers and visitors get that optimized content delivered from the closest possible location. That means your website is FAST. Up to twice as fast, in fact - with no loss of quality.

    Also, did we mention it's 100% FREE?
    The Web Accelerator, Auto-SSL, and CDN Traffic are all completely free, no strings attached!

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