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    Managed Hourly Backups

    Disaster Recovery and Ransomware Protection

    Fully Managed

    Backup Agent installation and configuration, Backup Policy management, and Restore assistance; We will take care of it all for you.

    Disaster Recovery

    Bare-metal restores are fast and can be performed across datacenters. Fast recovery times ensure limited exposure to catastrophic events.

    Ransomware Protection

    Hourly point-in-time snapshots of your server enable precise system rollbacks if a server is compromised by ransomware.

    Key Features

    Fully Managed

    Installation of the backup agents, policy setup and configuration, and restore management are all handled by our expert admins

    Reliable Disaster Recovery

    Bare-metal restores are fast, and can be performed across datacenters for truly reliable disaster recovery

    Multiple Backup Locations

    Backups can be made in the same datacenter or another datacenter for extra disaster recovery options

    Point-In-Time Snapshots

    Takes point-in-time snapshot of disk volumes, allowing consistent backup of locked and open files

    Custom Policies

    Your backup schedules, and policies to merge recovery points and recycle storage can be fine tuned to your exact needs. You can also choose to make backups only on certain directories or files to reduce disk usage.

    Fast Hourly Backups

    Block-level backups with incremental deltas allow for hourly backup schedules with no performance impact

    Database Backup Support

    Includes special modules for MySQL and MSSQL database backups that ensures that tables are locked and flushed before a backup operation can take place, helping prevent corrupted tables

    Protected MS Exchange

    Backups use the VSS Exchange writer to ensure data integrity and consistency during the backup operation.

    cPanel Integration

    Activates an icon within the cPanel interface so that your customers can go directly to their backups via the Server Backup Manager Web Interface

    Browse & Download Backup Files

    Easy Granular file or folder restore or download files to desktop


    Backup Agent License
    $20/month (per server)
    Backup Storage