Announcement: XEN to KVM Migration Now Available

We are happy to announce that we can now migrate your Linux VM from XEN to the latest KVM technology.

With the KVM virtualization you get:

1. Faster and more reliable technology
2. Faster storage
3. Higher end CPUs

The migration process involves:

1. A backup of the current VM which can later be converted to a template if required.
2. The VM is migrated to a KVM compute resource and the disks are migrated to the faster storage system.
3. The network is reconfigured and the VM is started.

Please note:

1. The IP of your server will remain the same and no changes are required within the VM.
2. The VM will be offline during the actual migration process and the downtime depends on the size of the disk.
3. The migration is irreversible; The VM cannot be migrated back to the XEN compute resource.