Cloud Hosting Creates Business Advantages – Not Just IT Solutions

The benefits offered by cloud computing are well documented and often touted. Cheap website hosting, infrastructure cost savings, scalability, elasticity, and storage on demand are all advertised benefits and make a solid case for migrating business to cloud servers.

But after the contract is signed the processes and systems are up online, and staff is trained, something else begins to happen.  All of the initial benefits are received, but then additional ones begin to emerge. Like the icing on the cake, these additional benefits provide unexpected added value to the business.When asked, CIO’s and executives often talk about the unplanned challenges of migrating their businesses to the cloud. But they also talk about of the cloud can create business advantages. Once a business is operational on the cloud some of the unexpected benefits that emerge include:

The first benefit, is the flexibility to get into new markets and businesses.  Entrepreneurs and large corporations are constantly generating ideas for new business development. What do they all cite as the main obstacles to pursuing these ideas? The answer is, time and money or more accurately, the lack of both. Say for example, a corporation has an idea for a new product line. With scalable on-demand cloud computing new configurations that once may have taken days can be up and running in hours or minutes. Since cloud cost is based on usage, it can help to free funds for new business pursuits. The cloud allows users to try new business ideas without infrastructure investment that can be costly. Business focus and turn on a dime.

The cloud offers cheap website hosting services and the ability to duplicate or adopt proven business processes and templates designed by other users.  The cloud is based on collective learning and the input of customers. New customers are immediately exposed to these processes, formulas and interfaces that are proven to deliver the best results.  For example, Togglebox is a cloud host provider that offers a full range of templates designed from experience to get new businesses up and running virtual servers and machines within five minutes.  Togglebox also offers unlimited DNS hosting on redundant servers, scheduled backup of data, unlimited virtual machines within resource limits, and the ability to automatically scale up resources as needed. All proven processes developed over time by experienced users that can save time, money, increase productivity and free resources for other tasks.

Today’s hyper competitive global economy requires business to leverage the latest technology to maintain an advantage. The cloud offers benefits far beyond those that are advertised. Cheap website hosting, scalability and savings are just the beginning. Cloud computing affords business the opportunity to take advantage and duplicate proven processes that will save time and free capital to explore new businesses and leverage growth. It’s a smart business decision whose time has come!