Cloud Hosting is the Bruce Lee of IT Lean, Adaptable and Powerful

The cloud offers many benefits for business. Whether it’s cost, adaptability, or scalability, the advantages of migrating to the cloud are many. By far the most important aspect of the cloud is its flexibility. Cloud hosting is, in a way, the Bruce Lee of network solutions!

Bruce Lee is an icon in the martial arts community. Through his mental flexibility he incorporated only what he needed into his own unique style – some would even call him the grandfather of modern mixed martial arts. Cloud hosting shares those same attributes – it’s agile, adaptable, and uses only the features you need.

Let’s examine how the power and the flexibility offered by cloud hosting can change the way your business works.

Flexibility is Cost Effective

Affordability and adaptability are the cornerstones of cloud computing. The cloud offers business a complete IT solution. Infrastructure, software, tech support, storage, mobility and scalability are all available for a cost through the cloud. Cloud hosting allows you to leverage this flexibility because on the cloud, you pay only for what you need and use.

If you’re just starting your business your storage and bandwidth needs may be minimal. Hosting on the cloud gives you the flexibility to start small and increase services as you have the need and as your budget allows. As you website grows you can add bandwidth, storage, functionality, software, whatever your business may need to keep growing! With cloud hosting, it’s even possible to automate increased bandwidth in the event your traffic spikes. You’re covered and your clients will never know because it’s seamless.

This is true scalability. If you have new hires, with a few clicks you can add virtual desktops to your network, instantly. If you need the latest design software it can be made available on as many desktops as you need, immediately, unlike back in the “olden” days when adding workstations meant purchasing hardware, software licenses, and tech time to set it all up. Instant scalability through cloud hosting means your business needs can be met with just a few clicks in literally minutes.

Flexibility is Mobile

Virtualization means instant access, from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, anytime of the day or night. When your business is hosted on the cloud your employees have access to their virtual desktop 24/7/365, whether they’re working from home on their laptop or from the road on their tablet or smart phone.

Mobility means your sales team can send orders to the home office directly from the road shortening customer wait times and increasing productivity. Mobility also means you can manage your cloud server from your tablet when you’re on the go.The cloud is a flexible, powerful hosting solution that can grow when you need it to, immediately and efficiently. It’s secure, mobile and best of all you only pay for what you use in terms of functionality and services.