Don’t Buy More Than You Can Eat – 100/Month For Rigid Hosting Wasteful

How Much Hosting is to Much?
The cloud has changed the way we all do business. As the space continues to evolve, cloud host providers lately have been advertising affordable cloud hosting featuring dedicated server technology. Basically outsourcing your IT needs to a managed dedicated hardware server for a fixed monthly price.
This guarantees your business a set amount of storage, CPU processing and traffic for around 100 dollars a month. While this may seem like a good deal when you weigh it against the cost of setting up an in-house server, there are serious drawbacks to rigid hosting.
The Fixed Bandwidth Myth

Cloud hosting companies are selling dedicated technology by focusing on performance, network reliability and high fixed bandwidth. The host company iWeb, for example, offers a full 12 terabytes of monthly traffic in their basic package.

For many business owners seeking affordable cloud hosting this may seem like more than enough bandwidth, and they’re right. Unless you’re operating a multi-million dollar enterprise it’s unlikely that you’ll need that much bandwidth. Of course you might need it in the event of an emergency or if something unexpected happens, but those are extreme and unlikely situations.

You need to do your due diligence before signing any contracts. What happens if you only use half of your monthly quota, or less? You’re throwing money down the drain. Ask your hosting provider the same question and pay close attention to what they say. Chances are you will be locked into paying for services you might never need or use.

Scalable Hosting

A better solution for affordable cloud hosting is to find a provider that offers scalability. Scalable hosting lets you grow or shrink your bandwidth, RAM, processing and storage on an as needed basis, automatically! Providers like Togglebox, offer truly scalable hosting that you can customize to fit your exact needs within minutes. Create virtual desktops, increase storage, CPU power, and automate back-ups and bandwidth immediately to fit your needs or budget.

You can even automate parameters to handle resources increases if certain criteria are met. If , for example, your traffic spikes when your blog post goes viral, your resources will automatically increase to handle the additional traffic and your visitors will never know. When your traffic returns to normal so do your resources. And the best part is, you only pay for what you use and the monthly costs are a fraction of dedicated server technology. Scalable hosting is truly affordable cloud hosting.