How Clustered App Hosting Solves Growing Pains

Solving VPS Scalability Issues With Turn-Key Managed App Hosting Clusters

As your hosted services grow there comes a time when growth requires you to shift away from a monolithic approach with interwoven services in a single server. These approaches do not scale well, and their performance will suffer. And, as we all know, performance loss is almost guaranteed to translate to lost customers.

In comparison, running services in a cluster spreads your applications out across many servers. This not only adds better scalability and performance, but also extra high availability. Additionally, clusterized services allow you to scale out both vertically, and horizontally, which allows your application to handle much higher demands, and much larger spikes. However, setting up properly load-balanced and clustered solutions is typically very difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

Clusterizing Your VPS

The best way to clusterize your services is to move from a VPS to Application Hosting. Our App Hosting/Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) hosting offers turn-key application and database clusters. Our platform supports Java applications, WordPress clusters, Database clusters, Node.JS, Kubernetes, Docker, PHP, Ruby, Python, and more. You can automatically deploy load balancers for your applications, databases and storage nodes, saving tons of time, and it will actually work.

Adding application servers, databases, storage, caching services, and load balancers can be taken care of in just minutes, and with only a few clicks. You can configure your application environment’s component parts, known as its Topology, from the intuitive GUI. Also, you control the scaling limits and scaling rules. This allows you to fine tune exactly how you want your applications to scale up, down and out.

Database clusters are another key use for the App Hosting platform. These high availability clusters can be accessed by your normal VPS, allowing you to shift your database to a higher end clustered service while keeping your main VPS costs low. Of course, these database clusters are a cinch to set up for your MySQL, MariaDB, and Postgres databases. And, like the application clusters, the load balancing, and data replication is automatically configured for you.

Getting Started