How to Scale the Disk Size of a Virtual Server

This easy 2-step guide will show you how to scale the SSD Disk on a virtual server. Disk size can be increased on all servers, but only Linux VMs can decrease disk.

Hint: Decreasing the size of a Windows is not possible, but you can add a separate Disk instead, (e.g.; D:\, E:\).

If you have not yet scaled your RAM and CPU cores, check out our guide to Scaling Resources on a Virtual Server from last week.


An active Virtual Server

Available SSD Disk resources to scale to the desired levels

Need more resources? Upgrade Your Cloud

Step 1) Open The Virtual Server’s Details Page

From the Client Area go to the My Services menu, and select a Cloud category.

Then, select the cloud from your list that contains the Virtual Server you wish to edit.

Next, click on the hostname of the Virtual Server to open its details page.

Step 2) Scaling The Virtual Server Disk

From the Virtual Server’s Details Page, click on the “Disks & Backups” tab.

From the “Disks” page, find the Disk you wish to scale in the list, and click its Edit link

From the “Scale Disk” page, use the Slider to adjust the disk size.

When finished, click the “Save Disk” button to process the changes.

Note: A Reboot may be required to finalize the changes.

Disk Resize operations will not be instantaneous. Larger disks will take longer to resize.

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