Newly Available CPU Flags for Togglebox Cloud Servers

Newly Available CPU Flags for Togglebox Cloud Servers

One of the many benefits to our recent OnApp upgrades is extended support for CPU flags, which increases the features that are supported directly by the CPUs.

The AES flag in particular is a great addition as it is integral to AES-based encryption, including VPNs and SSL. Crypto that was previously handled by software can now be handled by hardware.  This will increase performance of VPN, SSL and RDP connections.
More on the AES Flag.

If your server has not yet been rebooted from the control panel please reach out to Support so you can take advantage of the updates. Also, please note that CPU models may display incorrectly as E3s due to Ivy Bridge support. All CPUs are E5 v2 or better.
Contact Support.

Added Flags:

  • aes
  • arat
  • avx
  • constant_tsc
  • eagerfpu
  • erms
  • f16c
  • fsgsbase
  • pat
  • pclmulqdq
  • popcnt
  • rdrand
  • rdtscp
  • smep
  • sse4_1
  • sse4_2
  • ssse3
  • tsc_deadline_timer
  • vme
  • xsave
  • xsaveopt