Protecting Cloud Hosting Clients By Preventing Outbound Spam

Spam. It clutters inboxes with multi-million-dollar offers from Nigerian royalty and assures that a devoted Russian bride is just a click away. Sophisticated spam filters have relegated most of these dubious invitations to users’ spam folders. But while spam has become less readily visible, it remains a major threat as a point of entry for malware, liability for account hacking, and general time-waster. These threats are problematic for individuals but potentially fatal to unprotected businesses. Togglebox employs cutting-edge anti-spam solutions provided by MailChannels to protect its cloud-based clients.

Anti-spam, Pro-deliverability

Anti-spam services are a delicate balance—maximizing protection from unwanted emails while minimizing the number of legitimate messages that get corralled into users’ spam folders. Surveys have shown consistently that users are much more willing to allow an occasional piece of junk mail to slip through rather than have an important email marked as a “false positive.”

But spam protection extends well beyond receiving emails, especially for businesses. Togglebox understands how critical it is for companies to maintain the highest possible deliverability of email. Email deliverability is the new baseline for effective customer relationship management. Deliverability ensures that marketing pieces reach leads and customer service emails reach clients.

This is why Togglebox joined forces with MailChannels to apply their anti-spam solutions to Togglebox’s cloud hosting services, enabling maximum deliverability while staying vigilant for any attack on client email systems. MailChannels verifies individual senders and monitors long-term usage patterns in real time. Comprehensive profiles of every email sender enable the free flow of legitimate email and allow for immediate response to block or reduce email from compromised accounts.

Such careful monitoring allows clients of Togglebox users to receive the emails Togglebox users send, none they don’t, and protects the reputation of outgoing IP addresses. (The cycle builds on itself, with a strong IP reputation further guaranteeing deliverability and avoiding costly blacklisting.) Best of all, MailChannels intercepts all email traffic and analyzes it at a single location—individual senders need not reconfigure their accounts. No IT headaches, no time wasted.

 Togglebox Talks MailChannels, Cloud Hosting at HostingCon

This past June at HostingCon, Togglebox owner Matt Ayres talked about how MailChannels helped his company provide clients with an even better cloud hosting service. Like all Web hosts, Togglebox was a regular victim of spammers. A frequent spammer tactic was to fraudulently sign up for Togglebox services, generating chargebacks that burdened the company’s billing department, customer service center, and bottom line.

By deploying MailChannels, Togglebox was able to prevent these kinds of attacks. In fact, since Togglebox began using MailChannels, spammers have simply stopped trying. While most Web hosts don’t even know they’ve been comprised by spammers—until their IP addresses get blacklisted—MailChannels has provided Togglebox customers with clean IPs, greatly reduced their exposure to malware and viruses, and virtually eliminated the cost burden levied by fraudulent use. It’s just one more reason why Togglebox is the best choice for businesses.