Smart Server, The Cloud Meets Dedicated Server Technology

Should your company make the switch to a Smart Server?

A few years ago, the hot new technology was cloud computing. Companies like Dropbox and Netflix maximized the use of this technology and many businesses have made the switch in recent years, adding flexibility and efficiency to their computing system.

Now the new buzz word in computing is Smart Servers. Companies that offer this type of service tout smart servers as the best of both worlds in large-scale storage and hosting. But to understand the advantages of this technology, you have to examine exactly what these companies are offering and whether smart servers will provide your company an advantage based on your needs.

What is a smart server?

Smart Servers are the next phase in dedicated server technology. This new server configuration combines the control of dedicated server hardware with the scalability of the cloud to provide your company greater flexibility.  At Togglebox, our smart servers give you:

  • 1 Gbps of private networking space with free back ups
  • A dashboard that allows you to reboot without the need for support
  • The ability to document your server configuration
  • VNC connectivity from anywhere on the internet

Dedicated servers have long served companies when it comes to computing, hosting and data storage, but as companies grow and our economy becomes more and more mobile, the control many companies felt having all of their data locked into a series of physical machines is now being overshadowed by a desire to access information more easily, to increase storage space more quickly and to reduce the massive overhead costs these systems can bring.

Cloud computing utilizes a group of servers connected and managed like a virtual network. This makes it easy for a company to increase or decrease the amount of storage it uses and protects against system failure. A cloud server allows the system to work around hardware failures, which keeps your company and its website up and running. Data is not confined to one spot, but can be shared both internally and on the go. Companies love cloud computing for improving productivity and flexibility.

When it comes to affordable smart servers, not all companies the same. At Togglebox, we allow customers to set up dedicated servers powered by cloud architecture. Companies can manage this system from the same dashboard and can even migrate existing cloud servers to the dedicated servers and back again. This gives customers the flexibility they are looking for while giving them ultimate control over their computing system.

Reliability is key

Using smart servers helps ensure reliability and provides ample security. It allows companies to scale their storage and operating usage up and down, paying only for what they need, yet still provides them with the reliability of a dedicated server.

Toggelbox also offers 24/7 support at a low price, giving you peace of mind there’s always someone there to field a question or offer advice.

Customers want control

Togglebox can give you a fully customizable cloud server built for your needs. We can start your company with a base configuration and add storage, memory and speed. The cost per month is based on what you use, not what you might need. Togglebox even offers an automated system that sets upward limits on server usage so that companies don’t have to monitor usage 24/7.

Cloud computing has grown so rapidly because it offers businesses lower and more predictable costs with the benefit of increased reliability withou server maintainence headaches. Yet this may not be the best option for every company. That’s why you’ll find flexible cloud computing options with Togglebox that combine dedicated server benefits with the access and efficiency of the cloud.