The Private Cloud Means Secure, Scalable, Enterprise Level IT Hosting

Cloud computing has advanced greatly in recent years, giving companies access to more powerful systems, greater storage and more applications than ever before. There are, however, those companies who have hesitated to take advantage of cloud computing or to use it to its fullest potential. The reason may be that their business is closely tied to their in-house dedicated servers, or they are simply nervous about making the change.

Cloud computing is made up of a group of servers connected and managed like a virtual network. The system allows for the easy increase and decrease in storage and protects against system failure by working around hardware failures. Dedicated servers may work well at your company and your CEO may like the idea of knowing the company’s data is stored in a room filled with servers he can see, however, advancements in cloud computing have begun to address many fears about the perceived hazards of “the Cloud.”

One recent trend in cloud computing that is doing this is the use of the private cloud. Hosting companies like Togglebox offer private cloud services to clients who want the ease and flexibility of the cloud, without having to share the virtual server space with other clients. Companies can run their own private cloud in our datacenter on our hardware. This dedicated cloud service keeps our clients’ data as private and secure as it would be in-house, but they’re outsourcing it to us.

How does a private cloud work?

Cloud servers enable Togglebox clients to rent virtual server space rather than purchasing physical server hardware. The result is a flexible IT environment, that cost less is instantly scalable. Private cloud systems work by providing “fencing” around a cloud that draws resources from the same pool of servers across the public cloud. The difference in “public” and “private” cloud servers is that a private cloud is only accessible by a single company providing greater privacy, security and control.

A company may want to use a private cloud for additional storage, to host important company applications or sensitive website user information. Some companies may want to use only a single private cloud system, while others want to create a hybrid cloud, that combines public and private clouds managed under one system. Whether used alone, or with others, clients will have full control over their private cloud.

At Togglebox, our private cloud hosting offers the same control and advantages of a public cloud, like scalability and an easy to use dashboard. Clients also have the ability to configure and manage resources using a tailored network solution. Our private cloud services include enterprise level storage for regulated data, like the kind needed by organizations in the financial industry. And our clients like the reduced cost the private cloud offers by using only what space needed and quickly responding to increased demand.