What is a Dedicated Smart Server?

As the cloud continues to evolve and grow, providers are beginning to offer more varied services to their business customers.  The cloud has given business a new flexibility and scalability along with offering a pay-as-you-go business model allowing for immediate growth without the major expense of additional hardware.

The newest technology features dedicated smart servers allowing companies to take more control over their IT needs while still enjoying all of the benefits of cloud computing. Dedicated smart servers combine the power of a dedicated physical server with the flexibility and scalability the cloud is known for.

Many business owners have been hesitant to migrate operations to the cloud because of the practice of sharing space with other companies on a single physical server. Concerns have centered around both security and privacy. While most providers are aware of these concerns and have worked to address them using hypervisor technology and virtualization, dedicated server technology offers business a way to enjoy the reliability, high performance, flexibility and on-demand scalability of the cloud along with an extra layer of security and privacy that a dedicated physical server provides.

What Is Dedicated Smart Server Technology?

Basically, dedicated smart server technology is the combination of a third party bare-metal physical hosted server combined with virtualization technology that offers your business the best of both technologies. By hosting on dedicated smart servers, your business is guaranteed the privacy and security that is comparable to hosting your network in-house.

Your server is solely your own and can be configured specifically to fit your company’s needs. Ram, storage, software and operating systems are customized to your unique specifications. By adding a layer of hypervisor technology, you gain all of the benefits of cloud computing including remote management and monitoring, instant scalability, automated backup, and mobile computing benefits while running on single-tenant hardware.

Access to a smart server control panel allows you reboot and reimage your server, install a custom OS and even boot from a CD as well as monitoring bandwidth and CPU usage and more. Dedicated smart servers allow you to:

•  Automate backup and capture on-demand snapshots of your server

•  Scalability and upgrades are immediate, convenient, and one-click away

•  Fully dedicated – your server is yours alone, no shared hosting ever

•  Take advantage of enhanced security including adding an extra layer of firewall protection and data encryption

• High disk input, output and throughput – dedicated server technology s perfect for handling high I/O applications without compromising speed or performance.

• Remote VNC access from anywhere in the world with Internet access

Dedicated smart server technology is the next step in the evolution of cloud computing. Hosting your business on dedicated smart servers gives you the security and privacy of a internal network with all of the benefits of cloud computing. If your business is using more mobile technology or has adopted a “bring your own device” policy, dedicated server technology can tie all of your IT needs into one manageable platform.

Add bandwidth, RAM or CPU processing remotely and immediately with a mouse click. Scale up or scale down as your needs require all with no upfront capital expense for hardware, software and tech support. Migrating your business IT to a dedicated smart server makes good business sense.