What’s The Difference Between VPS Hosting and App Hosting

Application Hosting From Home

Application hosting is the next generation of virtual hosting and cloud computing.  There are some key differences when compared to VPS Hosting.

But first, what is Application Hosting?

App Hosting/Application hosting is a type of virtual hosting. It can be considered a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Model, or a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Model. Application hosting allows you to host your application in the cloud efficiently, without requiring you to manage or maintain a virtual server or VPS.

How is App Hosting different from a VPS?

No Server Management

To host an application, or CMS site like WordPress on a VPS you would first have to build your server. Then, you would log in as the admin user and configure the tech stack your project needs, web servers, mail servers, etc. With App Hosting you just deploy your application and begin using it normally. The container your application is running in uses a specialized OS, keeping your resource usage lean and efficient. Reducing the admin time necessary to launch, as well as scale out your project increases the time you can spend working on new features, and fostering clients.

Application Hosting

More Efficient Hosting

Application Hosting, such as offered by Togglebox, also offers significantly greater scalability than a VPS or Cloud VPS can offer. With VPS and Cloud VPS you build each server with a certain amount of resources. Even with a custom Cloud VPS you need to build your server with resources that can handle your highest loads.

Application containers can scale vertically by adding and removing RAM/CPU resources. They can also scale horizontally by adding additional application containers. This fine tuning gives you greater control over resources to handle high loads, as well as low loads, making sure you only pay for what you really need. During times of low loads your RAM and CPU will scale down. And, when loads increase RAM and CPU will scale back up.

This concept is known as “Right Sizing.” Where virtual servers like VPS and Cloud VPS have improved on Dedicated Servers; Application hosting / Platform as a Service further improves on VPS. The level of scalability achieved really lets the App Hosting containers shine both in performance as well as cost savings.

App Hosting Pay Per Use

Easily Deploy Complex Environments

Application hosting is the champ when it comes to deploying complex environments. We already mentioned automatic scaling, both for vertical and horizontal scaling. App Hosting also lets you setup automatic load balancers, and clustered databases. What is normally something that takes a load of admin time to setup can now be setup and ready to use in just a few clicks.

App Hosting WordPress

These types of complex setups are technically challenging, and are incredibly time consuming to setup manually. For most businesses this would mean increasing staff or paying extra for a full managed enterprise VPS platform.
With App Hosting you can set up a fully clusterized application environment directly from our UI, with no special system administration knowledge.

Not sure where to start?

We can help with that

We’ve been selling VPS, and Cloud VPS for over 20 years, and are an early adopter of Application Hosting containers in the US. Lean on our hosting expertise to transition painlessly from VPS to App Hosting. We can help you understand the right sized application environment for your needs. We offer free consultations as well as a free trial.