Dallas Cloud Servers

Dallas Cloud Server with Hourly Billing

Don’t pay for resources you don’t need!  With our Dallas Cloud Servers with Hourly Billing you decide the resources that each server is built with.  Whether you host one Cloud Server in your cloud or many, you customize your resources to your own needs.

Cloud Server Features

Instant Setup

All new accounts are automatically provisioned and available for use minutes after ordering.

SSD San Storage

Blazingly fast SSD San Storage provides high IOPS for the best performance.

High Availability

The cloud operates as part of a cluster. If a node in the cluster fails your VPS is automatically started on a standby node.

Free Migration Assistance

Changing hosting doesn’t have to be a hassle. We are more than happy to assist in moving your data from your old web host.

Admin-Level Support

We don’t give you the keys and let you crash. Our expert support is available should you encounter any problems.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not sure about us? We offer an unconditional 7 day money back guarantee.

Current Special:$50 Account Credit
$50 Account Credit for all new Hourly Cloud customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I billed?

Billing is automatic at the end of your billing month.
The resources you have allocated to servers in your Cloud are calculated hourly.
Measured hourly. Billed monthly.

How much does it cost to start?

It costs only $1 to purchase a cloud. Your $1 payment will be added as an Account Credit.

Am I billed for offline servers?

Yes, we do not currently offer "Off" pricing.

Do you offer Windows?

We have Windows 2008 and 2012 templates available at no extra cost.

Do you offer refunds?

We are very transparent about our Refund Policy; We encourage you to read our TOS

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time, there are no contracts.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal