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    DRaaS Cloud Hosting

    Disaster Recovery Clouds

    Disaster Recovery Clouds (DRaaS Clouds) are essential for important servers, offering industry-defining protection for your data. Instant atomic snapshots are automatically taken hourly and daily without the need to purchase any extra backup storage or rely on software inside the server.

    Backups are stored safely on dedicated backup storage nodes. Restoring backups is instantaneous, regardless of disk size, which dramatically reduces your exposure to an outage event.

    How Are DRaaS Clouds Different?

    Normal backups take longer to run based on the size of the disk being backed up. This can lead to data inconsistencies across disks, and limits how frequently backups can successfully run. Normal backups can also fail if you do not have adequate backup storage purchased before the backup runs.

    DRaaS Cloud backups are automatic, instantaneous, and atomic, which means all data across all disks in each server is backed up at the exact same time. DRaaS Clouds do not require you to manage separate backup storage quotas because the backup storage is provided automatically. This completely removes the possibility for failed backups due to quota issues.

    Simply put–DRaaS Cloud backups are faster, and offer superior protection compared to normal backups.

    DRaaS Standard Cloud
    24 Local Hourly Backups
    7 Local Daily Backups
    Instant Backups & Restores
    No Overages
    24x7 Managed Support
    SSD Storage: $0.30/GB
    DRaaS Enterprise Cloud
    24 Local & Remote Hourly Backups
    7 Remote Daily Backups
    Instant Backups & Restores
    No Overages
    24x7 Managed Support
    SSD Storage: $0.70/GB
    Customize Your Resources
    CPU Cores

    DRaaS Cloud Features

    Protecting vital data has never been easier. DRaaS Clouds by Togglebox have Disaster Recovery baked in, automatically protecting you from data loss from data corruption, malware, viruses, malicious actors, and human error.

    Instant Atomic Backups
    Instant Restores
    Backups Stored to Dedicated Backup Disks
    File-Level restores available

    Better Malware Protection
    No 3rd Party Software
    No Special Setup or Config
    No Backup Disk Quotas Required