How Cloud Hosting Works

Your Cloud is a set of resources that you use to create Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
We offer two different Cloud billing models.

Monthly Clouds
  • You select your Cloud's custom resources.
  • Billing is Pre-Paid based on your selected resources.
  • Use your resources to create any number of servers inside your cloud.
  • Monthly Clouds are recommended for clients who want simple month-to-month billing, with options to pre-pay for discounts
Hourly Clouds
  • Doesn't require pre-purchased resources.
  • Adding, scaling, and deleting servers automatically adjusts your hourly costs.
  • Billing is Post-Paid. At the end of your billing month you are invoiced for the previous month's hourly charges.
  • Recommended for clients who need to change resources frequently.

Not Sure What Resources Or Billing Model You Need?

Request a free consultation from our expert sales team for any size project.

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