Managed WordPress Hosting

Starting at $5.80/month

Standalone WordPress Hosting topology

Our WordPress Hosting automatically scales with your needs. You choose your maximum resources, and only pay for what you actually use.

  • Fast WordPress Benchmarks
  • Fast and Easy Setup
  • Free WordPress Migrations
  • 24/7 Managed Support
  • No ‘Runaway’ Bills
  • No Server Management Required

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WordPress Hosting With Honest Pay-Per-Usage Billing

Set automatic scaling limits for your WordPress website and we will seamlessly scale your server to match your workloads.

Scale UpScale Up

Dynamically add resources to your WordPress website to accommodate increased traffic. This increases your hourly billing rate.

Scale DownScale Down

Dynamically remove resources from your WordPress website as traffic goes down.. This decreases your hourly billing rate.

How Does It Work?

Our WordPress Hosting for application hosting containers offers top tier performance and uptimes while keeping resources, and costs, both efficient and optimized. We use sophisticated elastic containers to deliver affordable scalability and reliability, without burdening you with cumbersome and complex setups.

Your RAM and CPU will scale up and down automatically as needed within the limits you have set. These RAM and CPU units are called Cloudlets and represent 128MB RAM and 400MHz CPU. Unlike traditional cloud and VPS hosting, you do not pay for any RAM and CPU that you do not use. This allows you to keep high limits to handle any bursts of traffic without having to worry about paying for resources you aren’t actively using.


Resources are billed hourly, and are debited from your account balance.



$0.0026 /hour

$1.90 /month


RAID SSD Storage

$0.000118 /GiB /hour

$0.086 /GiB /month

SAN SSD Storage

$0.000118 /GiB /hour

$0.086 /GiB /month

So, What Does It Really Cost?

TLDR; $5.80 to $29 monthly, plus storage.

A small standalone WordPress website will sit between 2 and 16 Cloudlets, on average. The hourly cost for 2 to 16 Cloudlets will range from $5.80 to $29 monthly.

We recommend our High Availability SSD SAN Storage for standalone WordPress hosting, which is billed at $0.15/GiB monthly. The first 10GiB of Storage is included.

As your website grows you have options to scale both vertically and horizontally.

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Lightweight WordPress Hosting

With 24/7/365 Support

This is the perfect solution for small to medium sized WordPress websites that are looking for efficient, and high performance WordPress hosting.

Our Standalone WordPress package contains advanced features in a single container node, including LiteSpeed web server and Web Application Firewall, Redis object caching, MariaDB databases and SSL by Let’s Encrypt. This is not shared hosting, you will have your own container environment with its own operating system and resources.

Efficient vertical resource scaling offers outstanding performance to match changing traffic and loads to your WordPress sites. And, our pay-per-usage billing model let’s you convert your resource efficiency into cost savings, as well. Unlike other WordPress hosting providers, we don’t charge you the maximum price at all times.

WordPress App Server Features

LiteSpeed Web Server:

LSWS brings high performance and low memory consumption to your WordPress website, and has great benchmarks.


The popular MariaDB database server is employed as a storage for your WordPress content. The database server comes preconfigured for high performance, and can be further tuned as needed, easily, from our UI


High performance object caching storage. It stores in memory the database query results that have been loaded.

WordPress Brute Force Attack Protection:

This is a security feature that helps protect your WordPress admin panel. Admin panel security is very important in WordPress hosting, and is a common attack vector for hackers.

Web Application Firewall:

A security feature that comes with Layer-7 Anti-DDoS Filtering as well as IP level bandwidth and request rate throttling. It won’t degrade the LSADC performance since it can be tuned to withstand dynamic requests only.


Traffic encryption for your WordPress hosting is provided by the Let’s Encrypt Add-On with automatic issuing of trusted SSL certificate and Auto-Renewal.


Supercharge your WordPress hosting with our Premium CDN integration powered by Verizon EdgeCast.. The CDN provides lightning-fast static asset loading for your WordPress assets, futher improving your global benchmarks.