NodeJS Application Hosting

High performance, high availability Node.js application hosting, and Node.js application Clusters, with automatic vertical and horizontal scaling

Easily Deploy Flexible and Efficient NodeJS Applications

Automate the deployment and scaling of your NodeJS applications. Create production-ready NodeJS application clusters complete with autoscaling and load balancers with just a few clicks. Dynamic resources automatically scale to match your loads, but you only pay for what you actually use.

Togglebox PaaS provides an out-of-box integration of the fast, lightweight and highly scalable NodeJS application server. It is automatically supplied with numerous optimization and management tools to make the hosting process maximally convenient for developers.

Deploy your applications right from our UI using:

  • An application archive uploaded from a local machine or via external URL
  • A remote VCS repository (e.g. GitHub)

NodeJS Package Managers

Each NodeJS application server contains a built-in development tool called Package Manager, which provide standardization and automation of the installation, update, configuration, and removal processes.

Togglebox PaaS supports two types of package managers:

  • npm - manages your project requirements by installing the additional modules, packages, and ready-to-use applications
  • yarn - operates the same requirements as in npm (so no changes are required for the existing applications), while providing higher speed, reliability, and convenience

NodeJS Process Managers

Process Managers provide the ability to control application lifecycle, monitor running services and maintain the project operability. Jelastic PaaS provides support of the following process managers for the NodeJS stack:

  • npm - initiates and configures multiple processes
  • pm2 - provides a huge variety of application management features, including the launched NodeJS processes monitoring
  • forever - allows running your NodeJS processes continuously and automatically restarting them upon failure
  • supervisor - monitors running applications for changes and automatically restarts required ones to keep them up-to-date

Benefits of Togglebox NodeJS Application Hosting

Easy Deployment
We offer a wide variety ways to deploy your NodeJS application. Use whichever way you are most comfortable.
Configure your environment to scale vertically and horizontally to match your work loads right from our intuitive UI.
High Availability
NodeJS Application Server clusters provide excellent high availability and fault tolerance, leading to better performance and uptime.
Pay Per Use
You set your scaling limits but only pay for what you actually use. It's the peak of efficiency.