Platform as a Service (PaaS) Pricing Calculator

Managed Application Hosting

Scalable Application Hosting with Automated Containers

Easily deploy Java, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET applications, Kubernetes, and Docker with custom load balancers and auto-scaling.
Pay-Per-Usage billing lets you set your limits and only pay for what you use. Automated Orchestration lets you focus on growing your business.

Pricing Calculator

What Does It Cost?

Cloudlet Pricing

Reserved Cloudlets Dynamic Cloudlets
/Hour /Month* /Hour /Month*
$0.0016 - $0.0026 $1.17 - $1.90 $0.0018 - $0.0027 $1.31 - $1.97
Reserved Cloudlets
Dynamic Cloudlets
$0.0016 to $0.0026
$1.17 to $1.90
$0.0018 to $0.0027
$1.31 to $1.97

SSD Storage Pricing

$0.000131 /GiB
$0.096 /GiB

Public IPs Pricing

$0.0027397 /IPv4
$2 /IPv4

Bandwidth Pricing

2GB /Hour
$0.012 /GiB
* Monthly prices based on 730 hour month 1 Cloudlet = 128MiB RAM, 400MHz CPU