Statement of Support

The goal of this document is to explain what is, and what is not supported with our Hosting Products. This Statement of Support is not intended as, and does not constitute, a binding agreement by either You or Togglebox (TekTonic, LLC) and is merely intended to specify some of the proposed guidelines of support levels on products Togglebox sells. This Statement of Support is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Togglebox without notice to You.

Support OverviewStandard Managed SupportExtended Managed SupportNot Supported
Togglebox Clientarea Accessibility and Features
Togglebox Cloud Backend Portal (OnApp) Accessibility and Features
Togglebox Network performance and uptime
Togglebox Host Hardware performance and uptime
Virtual Server creation
Virtual Server resource Scaling
Standard cPanel®/WHM control panel features
Standard DirectAdmin control panel features
Standard Uptime Monitoring (5-minute Intervals)
DNS zones using Togglebox Nameservers
CMS Installation (Max 15 minutes)Limited
MySQL Tuning (Max 15 minutes)Limited
MySQL Tuning (Max 15 minutes)Limited
PHP Tuning (Max 15 minutes)Limited
Managed Hourly Backups$
Managed Firewall/VPN Setup & Configuration$
Managed Virtual Router Setup & Configuration$
Server Security Review$
Disaster Recovery Review$
Pro-active Uptime Monitoring$
Pro-active Resource Monitoring$
cPanel®/WHM Control panel plugins & add-ons (Best Effort Support)$
Applications in cPanel® Application Catalog (Best Effort Support)$
Any client, script, application or content installed by CustomerX
cPanel®/WHM TrainingX
DirectAdmin Plugins & add-onsX
DirectAdmin TrainingX
Third party SSL certificatesX
Internet TrainingX
SEO settingsX
Custom DNS zone filesX
Any third party servicesX
Any root level server customizationsX
Email client configurationX
FTP client configurationX
Applications on any computer outside of the Togglebox infrastructureX
Standard Content and Data backupsX
Third party domain registrationsX
Private name serversX
Diagnosing, Maintaining or Fixing Any website or application codeX
Cross browser compatibilityX
Hacks due to Customer controlled vectorsX
Networks outside of ToggleboxX

Standard Cloud Hosting Services

HardwareTogglebox monitors and manages all aspects of the physical host hardware in our datacenters
NetworkTogglebox monitors and maintains network health of the Togglebox network. This does not cover any network outside of our datacenters
Base OS InstallationTogglebox will support the base installation of any OS template found in our “Popular” category of templates.
Server RebootsTogglebox will power on, power off, or reboot servers for customers. Togglebox’s Support Staff reserves the right to request that these requests are made through the ticket system to ensure the request is being made by an authorized agent of the account.

Not Supported
Server ConfigurationTogglebox is not responsible for any configurations of the server, or any software installed on the server regardless of the source of the software.
Server MaintenanceTogglebox is not responsible for maintenance of the server, or any software installed on the server regardless of the source of the software.
OS UpdatesTogglebox will not update any part of any client server’s Operating System unless it is specifically requested by the client. Togglebox is not responsible for any issues related to a requested OS upgrade, including pre-verifying that there will be no compatibility issues after the upgrade.
Website & Application CodeTogglebox does not support any code. All coding issues should be referred to the developers of the code.
Internet TrainingTogglebox does not provide training or education on the operation of any aspect of Internet technology. It is expected that you will have a basic understanding of Internet concepts such as DNS, email, web, web browsers, FTP, and general computer literacy.

cPanel®+WHM and DirectAdmin Services

InstallationTogglebox will build the virtual server and install the Operating System and control panel software® software for licenses bought through Togglebox.
UpdatescPanel and DirectAdmin maintain their own auto-updating features. Support is provided for any issues with auto-updates.
ConfigurationConfiguration support is included for basic components (Apache, PHP, Mysql, Mail Servers, etc).
Users, Accounts, Subdomains & MailboxesConfiguration Support for Users, Accounts, Subdomains and Mailboxes is limited to the first instance on a server.

Not Supported
3rd Party Addons, Plugins & ModulesInstallation, Configuration, Maintenance, and Diagnostics of any 3rd party application, plug-in, module and anything not included in the default control panel purchase through Togglebox is not supported.
Bulk OperationsBulk operations (mass creation of users, accounts, subdomains, etc) are not supported. Togglebox will provide best-effort support to instruct the client how to accomplish their request.