3 Ways Cloud Hosting is Essential in Times of Crisis


Unfortunately, we are in a time of economic crisis. Many of you might be wondering how small businesses are being affected and how you can help. There have been some initiatives put forth to protect workers and families. The most recent was assistance for certain small businesses, especially those that have proven useful during the crisis.

At Togglebox we have always prided ourselves in being large enough to do the job but small enough to care. Consider how essential cloud-hosting providers are during this time. By choosing us over one of the larger corporations such as AWS, you are already doing your part to assist small businesses.

But how do you still benefit?

Here are 3 ways Cloud-hosting is beneficial to you today:

  • We set the standard for remote desktop. We can make it easy to assist you in working from home which has become imperative for the health and safety of you and your family.
  • We have the ability to scale during a time of massively increased usage. We are already setup to quickly respond to outages, downtime and whatever upgrades you require.
  • Keep in mind that if you are working from home the value of your or your employer’s website goes up. With increased usage comes the need for DRAAS failover or disaster recovery as a service.

And because we are not a brick and mortar establishment, we will not shut down. And we provide the ability for our workers to stay employed remotely. We employ people from all around the globe who are facing the same crisis we have in the states. End of the day, we want you to remember that we are here for you. So get in touch with us with questions, needs, and concerns via our contact page, live chat, or email. If you are an existing customer use our Helpdesk Client Area.