5 Minute Cloud Hosting Setup

You need an instant setup. Look no further.

If an order passes our automated fraud check the account is setup within minutes of ordering.

 Before you get started take these steps to make a solid estimate of your needs.

  • Keep in mind if you’re creating a blog site your needs will be minimal, for an e-commerce site, you may need significantly more space.

Small websites would be sites under approximately 5-15GB in diskspace and under 50GB monthly traffic
Medium websites would be sites under approximately 15-40GB in diskspace and under 100GB monthly traffic.
Large websites would be sites over approximately 40GB in diskspace and over 100GB monthly traffic.

Go here for a full list of sizing for common setups.

  •  Determine your RAM, SAN Storage, CPU cores and IP address needs and simply slide to scale resources.

Windows itself requires 2GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 20GB disk just to install and run the operating system.

It is not recommended that you select resources below these values, and in almost all cases 30GB or more Disk will be required to allow for more storage than just the operating system’s files.

You can select lower than 2GB ram, 2 CPU cores, however your performance will suffer.

Go here for more information on Windows Virtual Machine setup.