Togglebox testing DRaaS backup/standby-server feature

Companies well-versed in cloud computing know that  backup is not a luxury but a requirement. In these uncertain times, the last thing you need is to lose important customer-marketing information, internal documents, or even transactional data.

We know your data needs to be protected, and anything short of that could be a disaster. That’s why we are testing a new DRaaS backup/standby-server feature that requires no server-side configuration. This will allow for near-instant data recovery from a primary virtual server onto a cold-spare virtual server, either in the same or a different datacenter.

Here is a quick overview of the differences between cold, warm, or hot recovery:

Cold – All of your data is preserved and backed up. Your systems have been replicated in the form of VMs and stored locally and/or remotely. Upon request, data is loaded and restarted.

Warm – Similar to cold by the VMs are loaded onto their allocated hosts and configured. Just like with cold,  warm recoveries only require you to select the data snapshot that you want to load.

Hot –Your data constantly being synced-up and you have access to a duplicate copy of your primary environment.

If testing of the new DRaaS feature is successful, it will allow for backup schedules to be fine-tuned. This will accommodate a full day of Hourly backups, as well as 7 daily backups.

Your critical systems have never been more prepared for any outage events!

We will be formally announcing this new DRaaS solution once we’ve completed our thorough testing.