How to Create a Virtual Server in a Togglebox Cloud


In the past, we showed you  how to use OVA support for building a VM.

This article is an easy step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to create a Virtual Server (VPS) in a Togglebox Cloud.


  • An active Cloud Service
  • Available resources to create the new server

Step 1) Open the Create Virtual Machine Page

From the Client Area go to the My Services Menu and select a Cloud service category

Next, select the Cloud you wish to build a server in

Next, click the Create VM tab

Step 2) Select Server Location

Hourly Clouds allow you to select your server’s location when during the creation process.

Monthly Clouds have static locations based on the cloud you purchased.

Select your server location if applicable.

Hint: You can create a Monthly Cloud for each location if needed.

Step 3) Select a Hostname

The hostname is the name that will be associated with your server and its IP Address.

We recommend a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) although it is not required.

Hint: Good Hostnames:,
Bad Hostnames: Server1, Localhost

Step 4) Set Your Root/Administrator Password

This will be the master login for the server, so a secure password is highly recommended.

Use the “Generate Password” button to create a secure password automatically.

Step 5) Select an Operating System

Select your desired operating system from the list.

You can change your server’s OS by reinstalling later on if needed.

Note: Re-installing the OS will destroy all current data on the server. Always back up important data before re-installing.

Step 6) Configure Server Resources

Next, select the starting resources for your Virtual Server, for RAM, CPU cores, SSD storage, and IP addresses.

You can scale server resources up or down at any time later on.

Note: Windows VM disks cannot be scaled down

Step 7) Review and Finalize

Once all fields are filled out, verify their accuracy and click the “Create VM” button to start the automated server build process.

Note: Depending on your OS selection and resources the installation time will range from 5-15 minutes for Linux and 30-60 minutes for Windows.

When the Installation finishes you will be able to log in over SSH for Linux as the root user, or RDP for Windows as the Administrator user.

If you have any questions about setting up a Virtual Machine, or getting started once the server is setup, please contact our teams by Support Ticket, email or by joining a Live Chat from our webpage.