Cloud Hosting Enables Working Remotely

In the past, some employers were reluctant to enable their employees to work from home. Because of the current climate, we now know what an important and viable resource working from home can be. Even in better circumstances, many have learned that remote working offers flexible working hours that are often more cost-effective. Implementing cloud hosting is now an imperative.


The ability work from any location is unprecedented.  Access to virtual environments that are identical to the information and resources they would find at the office only improves collaboration and communication between employees. And remote working allows employees to access cutting edge technologies they might have had the incentive to use from their typical office desktop.


Togglebox takes its security measures seriously. Working remotely requires immediate security enhancements  such as passwords and encryption of files to prevent unauthorized use. This might make employers wary of taking this step, however, additional security measures are always being taken to prevent security breach.  When an employee is a trusted user, they can be provided with unlimited access while newer employees can be granted access to only the information that they will need, preventing any need to visit the office.


Working with us ensures easy and quick scalability of the server. Instead of upgrading a users desktop machine, employers can upgrade the server to accommodate new users.

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