Ruby PaaS Hosting

Ruby is a popular, open source programming language. It is considered both powerful and practical because it is a natural and easy to read/write syntax. Ruby provides a unique object-oriented…

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PHP Cloud Hosting

PHP is the easiest to use server-side scripting languages. Its usage currently reached 78.9% popularity and is steadily growing. Togglebox has partnered with Jelastic to provide PHP Cloud Hosting as…

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Java Application Hosting

At Togglebox we understand the need to be multilingual in programming languages. We are now partnering with Jelastic whose Java Cloud Hosting platform won the Duke’s Choice Award in 2012…

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Previously we wrote about MYSQL, to give our customers a better understanding of what MYSQL is. Now – partnering with Jelastic – we offer many new features including MariaDB/MySQL database…

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rDNS Management

New Feature: rDNS Management rDNS entries can now be managed directly from your client area. Entries can be added, edited and removed instantly. You can manage rDNS for your…

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Philadelphia Cluster CPU Flag Updates

Newly Available CPU Flags for Togglebox Cloud Servers Following up on our previous post, Enhanced CPU flags are now available in Philadelphia. Notable new flags are AES for encryption tasks…

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